The Company at a glance

BriQ Properties REIC received a license (757/31.05.2016) by the Greek Exchange Commission to operate as an independent real estate investment company.

BriQ Properties REIC aims to be a vertically integrated, Greek-focused commercial real estate company that owns and actively manages commercial real estate, applying best in-class strategies.

Our competitive placement is as a non-banking-related, flexible REIC with highly respected majority shareholders that is enjoying secured rental income streams.

Expert in the real estate investment industry

BriQ Properties REIC aims to be a vertically integrated, commercial real estate investment company in Greece that actively owns and manages commercial real estate, applying the best market strategies.

Our competitive position is a flexible, low risk REIC, with a small management team and with respectable majority of shareholders earning secure rental income streams and low leverage.

Commitment to sustainability

Our mission is reliability and consistency by offering stable and satisfactory returns to our shareholders, creating goodwill through our investments, based on the principles of sustainable development, being inspired by our employees and values.

Our mission is achieved through:
▪ Continuous search for suitable investment opportunities
▪ Effective management, good Corporate Governance and responsibility
▪ Attracting, developing and exploiting people with talent and ethics
▪ Implementation of technocratic and meritocratic practices
▪ Adherence to our principles and values